About us

Newseg.pro website was launched in the start of 2018 on the Internet to provide all new and exclusive news, technology, news and education. It took about a month to set up and set up the site in May 2017, And smart ideas provided by the site owners.

We have not only provided all new news and follow-up news moment by minute coverage directly, but we have created a number of services that facilitate visitors to deal with the Internet, and we provide explanations in various fields, and provide news of technology and many other services and various topics that are not limited to the specialty Specific but include all new and exclusive in general.

Goal Location: –
Newseg.pro is an integrated news site that takes care of all the topics and events in the world. We provide reliable news sources and follow up the news in a moment. We offer you many ideas and topics that might make things easier for you. Use tools, programs or ideas.
The most important thing that distinguishes us from all is credibility, since the site of the Egyptian news site is neutral and does not follow any specific entity.

About the writers:
The website of newseg.pro includes many distinguished and specialized writers for the formulation of important, urgent and regular news. We are interested in all political, scientific, economic, cultural, sports and technical fields. We receive news from all official and governmental sources and internationally accredited channels.

Workgroup of the site:
Founder of the site: Mohammed Al-Shorbagi
Site Manager: Abdullah Mohammed
Deputy Director: Ahmed Atef
Author: Mohamed El Shennawy
Writer: Lamia Zaki
Writer: Sarah Mounjed