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Who is the best Brazilian player to grace the football field?

Brazil has been the cradle for many football legends that have given us emotions throughout many decades. From the days of Pele to Neymar, they always have had a flair for the game, awing and fascinating fans across the globe, so a very important question rises, who is the best Brazilian footballer?

Let’s start with Ronaldinho. I know what you’re going to say, he’s not on the same level as some of the other players on this list, while that may be true partially, there is a case for Ronaldinho. Those who remember him playing in Barcelona and the magic that he was able to do with the ball will know what I’m talking about. The 2 goals against Real Madrid in Santiago Bernabeu, where even the Madrid fans had to stand and give him a standing ovation, also the amazing goal against Chelsea etc. When he was in his prime, he was definitely a god among men.

Pele has been considered for a very long time as the best player to have ever played. Wining the World Cup 3 times and scoring 77 goals for the national team is definitely a sign that he was special, a true legend that doesn’t come too often.

Many consider him to be the best strike of all time, Luis Nazario De Lima Ronaldo has been an icon of the Brazilian football, having played for some of the best teams in the world and scoring amazing goals every he went.

This has been just a short discussion about these legends since Brazil has many players that have entered in the hall of fame of football.

Who do you think deserves the top spot on this list?


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