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Fake psychiatrist causes a stir in UK

Zholia Alemi has been jailed in October for fraud, this happened after she decided to change an elderly person’s will in order to become the beneficiary. When she first came to Britain she fooled the medical bodies into believing that she had a degree from the University of Auckland in New Zealand.

Due to this case, the General Medical Council has launched a full investigation into a large number of doctors who are UK-based and that had received licenses the way that Alemi had, according to Britain’s Press Association (PA).

This body has admitted their fault since they said in the 90’s they had “inadequate” checks. “Patients deserve good care from appropriately qualified professionals and place a great deal of trust in doctors. To exploit that trust and the respect name of the profession is abhorrent,” Charlie Massey, chief executive of GMC, has said in a statement.

He continued to say that, “Our processes are far stronger now, with rigorous testing in place to ensure those joining the register are fit to work in the UK.”

Alemi has deceived everyone for more than two decades into believing that she was a qualified psychiatrist. When she got caught, other cases of her misusing her position as a doctor came to light. A large number of women’s watches were found in her possession.

For this crime she received a 5-year sentence in prison.

The victim has said that Alemi drafted the will and put everything on her name, while she didn’t specifically tell her that she had any other family, she still didn’t want her having everything.


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