Chan: That’s why I left Liverpool .. And preferred Juventus

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Chan shine with Liverpool

Emery Chan said he moved from Liverpool to Juventus, the Italian champions because of his ability to win titles and his continued ambition to win.
The German midfielder moved to Liverpool in 2014 and played his last game 167, during the loss to Real Madrid in the Champions League final in May.

“The club (Juventus) has been playing well with my agent for years,” the 24-year-old told reporters.

“I think the main goal is to win the Serie A and then come to the Champions League, and this should be our goal and I am here to help the team.”

“I have decided to move to Juventus because he has a very big project, he has great expectations, and I want to be part of the project here.”

Chan’s comments came on Tuesday, coinciding with the official confirmation of another deal for Juventus after Cristiano Ronaldo moved to the “old lady” team.

Juventus have dominated Italian football in recent years and have won the league title in the last seven seasons, and have won local duo in the last four seasons, but it has not achieved similar success at the European level, culminating in the 1996 Champions League final.

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